VRPMS is a flexible online reservation system for rental business with unique requirements. We provide you with a ready to use or custom software capable of delivering almost any desired feature needed by your business.

Automation is something every business owner can benefit from, especially if you generate income from vacation rentals.

We save you time and trouble by automating communications and processing. This includes interactions like sending receipts, managing check lists and check-in info.

Super Admin

Control and manage everything on the website and software, define rights and accessibility or assign a property or delete one for an owner, manager, supervisor and guests.

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We build robust & dynamic system which can be customized per your requirements; VRPMS can automate every process, right from booking until guest checks-out... Contact us to discuss

  • Your Preferred Merchant or PayPal Integration
  • Inquiry, Emails and Newsletters synced with MailChimp and Constant Contact
  • QuickBooks integration - Organize Business Finances In One Place
  • Avoid the hassles of updating multiple calendars - Sync one calendar everywhere
  • Easy-to-Use Web Based Application. Requires no or very basic computer expertise
  • Unlimited support from experienced and trusted team