One Solution to Conduct All Your Rental Business

VRPMS is a Web Based Software with Following Features which can be further customized per your requirements:

  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • Accounting Management
  • Booking Management
  • Contact Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Fee / Commission Management
  • Guest Reviews / Ratings
  • Google Analytics
  • Housekeeping Management
  • Import / Export Calendar
  • Lead Management
  • Payment Processing
  • Property Search
  • Reports Management
  • Reservations Management
  • Revenue Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Vendor Management
  • Work Order Management

As the competition in the vacation rental industry continues to grow exponentially, outperformance in this dynamic and competitive environment is a challenge for most property management professionals. They must be equipped with the right technology and tools to save their time, money and efforts.

Easy to Use

Easy-to-Use Web Based Application

You can Access VRPMS through your mobile phone, tablet or PC; it adds a flexibility of place into your operations. A great interface to keep your to-do list uncluttered and full of objectivity, it limits the unnecessary actions and pops out necessary things that are required for the growth of your business.



With our years of working experience with property owners and managers, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for all. Rental management encompasses so many areas of a business that customization is key to your business's unique needs. VRPMS is a flexible online reservation software for any business with unique requirements. We provide you with a ready to use custom software.


Credit Card Processing

USE YOUR OWN Real-Time Secure Credit Card Processing or PayPal and Save $$

Are you happy with your existing merchant account? Do you have a payment gateway? If you have, then add the payment gateway to start easy processing payments within VRPMS in a few hours. What is your choice, a merchant account or a low-cost solution, which is available with all banks; VPRMS is friendly with both of them. We can also manage the lowest cost merchant account for you anywhere with ease. Do not allow them to fool you when they tell you that owning merchant accounts are a difficult task; never get tempted with teaser rates, cancellation charges or long-term contracts etc.

Online Booking

Online Booking

VRPMS booking calendars are the available best calendars by many means. These responsive calendars have the power to adjust themselves with smaller screens and overall they are very easy to use. Many poor quality options are available that makes the process of booking a vacation rental a tedious process our engine, on the other hand, has this function to quickly search availability and make you book online with great ease.

Third-party integration

Availability Calendar:
Most owners often list their properties on many booking platforms and updating calendars on so many different websites is a big pain for everyone. With VRPMS, you manage your super easy calendar on your own website which automatically feed all other listing sites with available and booked dates. Nearly all of the major listing sites support importing/exporting an iCal link. With iCal, you can keep your availability calendars up to date on various multiple vacation rental listing sites.

PayPal or Merchant:
Yes, USE your PREFERRED Real-Time Secure Credit Card Processing to lower your fee. Lowering processing and commission fees can save you thousands of dollars over time.
Do not allow anyone to fool you when they tell you that owning merchant accounts are a difficult task; never get tempted with teaser rates, cancellation charges or long-term contracts etc.
What is your choice, a merchant account or a low-cost solution, which is available with all banks; VPRMS team is familier in integrating all of them. We add the payment gateway of your choice for you to start processing payments.

MailChimp & Constant Contact:
Marketing your services all over again with your past guests is the most economical way of meeting annual occupancy targets. Many people are not aware of it, it is a simple tool to reconnect with past guests and motivate them to stay in for the next season. Additional features like cancellation alerts can also be maneuvered easily with this integrated email marketing platform that is connected to guest and inquiry database and generate a seamless mass email to cater to your marketing database gathered on Mail Chimp.

The QuickBooks Sync:
VRPMS users have an option to connect all guest invoice and payment data with QuickBooks Online.

Google Analytics:
FREE and most powerful tool available to track and report all website traffic. Know all about your website traffic data and customize reports as per your individual needs for better, reliable, consistent and faster business decisions to stay ahead of your competition.

Social Media:
Enhance your social media presence, tag multiple networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn accounts with your website.

Check Lists

Check Lists ensures that your guest is checking into a flawless property where everything is in working order. Easily Create and manage Chcklists for your guest Pre-Arrival, Post Departure and Property Cleaning for House Keeping Staff. Consolidate housekeeping inspections, preventive maintenance, and engineering work orders.

Get your software customized to provide an efficient way to plan, record, and analyze the maintenance for all aspects of your property.

Add This Easiness while You Answer Inquiries

It is a world of prompt demand & supply; customers do not wait for the sun rays to knock the door of your office. This software answers all the queries promptly and has the power to configure some auto-suggested options on its own. It knows the nitty-gritty’s of the business well, like when to quote and when to withdraw. It also has this power to track the conversion of inquiries into bookings and produces prompt reports for channel ROI.

Communications Automated for Better Efficiency

Workflow of Communication mainly consists of communications to guests, property owners, employees, staff, vendors and reverse memos to the parent body. This advanced system of triggers allows facilities like dynamic email and text alerts prior to, during and after the stay of your guests. Further Alerts can be triggered based on arrival date, departure date and other denominations like invoice status, invoice payment or the day of the month.

Dynamic Document Creation

It can easily create dynamic custom documents of various natures like confirmations, rental agreements, discount coupons, Check-In Procedures etc based on the guest booking details.

Robust Reporting

The tedious yet essential operation, with VRPMS on board furnish a ton of comprehensive reports related to income, receivables, occupancy, expenses, guest management and ancillary services.

Manage Calendar

  • Ability to Define Week Start Date.
  • Chose how your calendar should work for you:
    Setup your calendar to book online or you may opt to scrutinize guest inquiries before you book.

Quick Rate Editor

  • Set up custom rates on your calendar:
    With our custom designed calendar (probably the industry best), you have a convenience to quickly add or update rates for instance - rates per night, specific weekends or extended weekends, weekly or monthly rates, seasonal or local events and (full year).
  • For your guests convenience, display of rates at a glance with broad view of available dates.

Update Yearly Rates and Other Values in a Single Stroke

Rental business has two types of seasonality attached to it the; first type of seasonality belongs to the actual season, and the second type of seasonality is the weekend seasonality or the seasonality that arises from time-to-time. It is a variable field, where the status of the occupancy and the price for occupancy keeps on varying with a passage of time. Pages, where they are involving a transparent interface for rates and availability, require a regular maintenance; which you can now do in a single stroke and manage with great ease.

Manage Minimum Stay

  • Minimum or Maximum nights Set Up:
    Quickly set a minimum night requirement for reservations on your calendar, for any preferred dates or date range.

Manage Additional Guest Fee

Mandatory Fee & Taxes

Optional Fee & Services

Automated Discounts

Discount Coupon And Offers

Advantages & Benefits

Vacation Rental Property Management Professionals require both efficiency and effectiveness for their rental business to outperform, grow and succeed. And both efficiency and effectiveness can be acheived with the use of modern tools and technology that is simple, flexible and futuristic to automate your rental business process. We at VRPMS are dedicated with a mission to make you successful. We understand your unique requirements to customize the booking software to suit your needs.

Here are some of the benefits offered by using VRPMS software.

  • Earn some valuable “easing out time” for your staff by cutting down the manual work
  • Fully automated process that generates and dispatches the professional contracts
  • Better performance in comparison with existing modern vacation rental management software.
  • Ask us to develop customized reports for easy operations.
  • Master Availability on single page designed to add easiness in the operation.
  • Website Options integrated into the mainframe
  • Ask us for customized Lead Management Tool for best results
  • Easy Rates Management with advanced techniques
  • One of the Most powerful web-based software
  • Easy regular product updates/backups reviewing mechanism
  • Requires no or very basic IT expertise
  • Experienced and trusted support team in the industry at your disposal
  • Dedicated with a mission to make you successful
  • Top-notch training is an essential part of the endeavor
  • Efficient handling of data migration for you
  • Proven website options to make you stand out and equipped with an integrated booking engine
  • Designed to meet professional standards
  • Booking engines with a proven track record
  • Easy maintenance of content
  • Have this affinity with SEO operations and social media
  • Great assistance for guests to plan a perfect holiday

Many people are buying the WRONG kind of gold or paying for something they don't need- You may be one of them.

We blend our skills with your ideas and concepts to develop successful tailor-made reservation system that actually works for you.

We can help you get an edge over your competitors.

Nobody understands your business better than you. That’s why we listen to your requirements and suggestions, and customize your software accordingly.